About me. Art photographer Katerina Klio

Katerina Klio

was born in 1985 in Ukraine. 

She travels and takes photos all over the world.

Professionally engaged in photography since 2009. During this time, she tried to work in many styles — from reportage photography to weddings. Now She is shooting fine-art photography because she believes that art can soften even the harshest souls.

Most of the costumes and decorations for her photos she creates with her own hands. 

Inspired by new places, countries, and people.

Her works are an allegory of our world, a mixture of fairy tales and reality. Her characters are a part of ourselves, an alternate reality. The part that we fear, love, or forget about. With her work, she wants to show that the world around us is not flat, but multifaceted. And everyone chooses for himself which character dominates in him today.

Her works have been published in 100+ magazines around the world, many times they became covers. Also, her works took part in several exhibitions. Since 2020, she have been participating in personal exhibitions in Ukraine and Portugal.

She have also been teaching photography in several schools since 2007, giving workshops and Master-Classes in Europe, Ukraine and other countries since 2013.

Artist Statement:

“The main themes of my works are loneliness, fears and inner demons.

Main word for my pictures is Drama.

People often ask me where it comes from, why I don’t take bright pictures and positive emotions?

Perhaps this is what overwhelms me from the inside to pour out in my works. I think that dark stories and drama are beautiful. And I love lonelyness, I find it full from inside.

It is also a kind of therapy — my work helps to look inside myself. Not only for me, but also for my audience.

It is important for me that the viewer feel the atmosphere of the picture. And I received a response from within his soul.

I love to fill my pictures with old dusty attics and pantries, stale air, hanging cobwebs. Silence.

In such places the worlds become thinner and penetrate each other.”