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My photographs are dreams that have come true. 

This is a mix of fantasy with the real world. 

I believe that with my work I help people, at least for a few moments, escape from all the problems and hardships that surround us in the real world, and plunge headlong into the unreal ghostly world of unfulfilled childhood dreams, fears that fixed in our subconscious, and timid hopes. 

And I’m talking about a parallel world, where we are all completely different. 

Not the way society, routine, and rules make us, but the way we could be if we could break away from reality and surrender ourselves entirely to our inner demons and fairies. 

My goal in photography is to show the viewer an illusory world that drags on and fascinates at the same time.

To endow the fairytale hero with simple human feelings and put him in a real situation, so that the viewer can not only look at the image in the picture but also recognize one of the variations of himself in the hero. 

I want to show that our reality in which we live is multifaceted and ambiguous and so I fill my work with symbols and signs and also add clear and strong emotions.