Life and death are two sides of the same coin. 

Memento mori in every action, in every thought. 

For all our deeds, reckoning or redemption awaits us. 

The cold hand of death will one day touch each of us. 

And if there is anything that can still be fixed, do it right now.


Ph: Katerina Klio

Mua:  Ninel Sokrukina

Hair: Yekaterina Hairstyles 

Md: Valeriya Chernyavskaya 

Suit: Alena Trushkina 


The longest and most painstaking part of this work is gluing rhinestones to the face.


Limited Editions:

Sizes, cm          Editions

20×30                20

40×50                3

50×70                3

70×100              2 

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Rua Vitor Bastos, 12A

Lisbon — Portugal

Tel 351 218 853 347

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