Autumn dreams are the most mysterious. 

Autumn dreams are prophetic. 

Autumn dreams send us back to the distant past of unknown worlds, to the birth of new stars and galaxies, to the primordial source of the creation of the world, and take us to a future that may never happen.


Prints are  available in these sizes: 

          ○ A4 / 8.3” x 11.7” (Edition of 20)

          ○ A3 / 11.7” x 16.5” (Edition of 3)

          ○ A2 / 16.5” x 23.4” (Edition of 3)

          ○ A1 / 23.4” x 33.3” (Edition of 3)

          ○ 762×1016mm / 30” x 40” (Edition of 2)

You can purchase high-quality prints of my works in online stores with worldwide delivery:


Ph: Katerina Klio

Md: Maria Korneeva


A huge dream catcher was assembled right at the location from fallen leaves. It took over 2 hours.