Fires, earthquakes, floods, typhoons are a deadly force. Sometimes only the skeleton remains of the former kingdom of nature.

But inside this skeleton, a living soul smolders, which again and again, like a phoenix, is reborn from the ashes.

In this dead eucalyptus forest, which stretches from horizon to horizon, life is already glimmering again — young shoots are already reaching for the sun and smell. Oh, Gods, how they smell!

The smell of eucalyptus was already able to kill the smell of conflagration.

So there is hope and there is a future.


Ph: Katerina Klio

Assist: Serhii Shelehov


The photos were taken while traveling in Portugal. Huge tracts of forest have been burned to the ground. From edge to edge, all visible space is filled with black tree skeletons. It made a really strong impression on me.


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