In this shoot, we touched on the topic of interaction between nature and human.

In our world, everything is interconnected, and what today looks like a dead forest will come to life and blossom tomorrow, and the soul that is a man today will sprout tomorrow as a branchy tree in a dense forest.

Energies flow from one to another, curl and mix.

Nature and man are one.

Nature and man are inseparable.


Ph: Katerina Klio

Md: Yana Shiryaeva

Mua, props, greasepaint: Natalya Glushchik

Hair: Yekaterina Hairstyles


Everything that you see in the photo is created by hand, without using collages.


Limited Editions:

Sizes, cm          Editions

20×30                20

40×50                3

50×70                3

70×100              2 

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