Who of us girls, in childhood, did not dream of a giant doll? 

Have you thought about what will happen when she appears? 

How often will you play with it? 

Will you sleep in an embrace or, after half an hour of playing, will you throw it into a distant box? 

And how will the doll feel? 

Sometimes real miracles happen in our life! 

Dreams come true and extraordinary things happen! 

But we are not happy for long — we very soon need another toy, even more expensive, even more inaccessible. 

And one has only to stop this race for a moment and think — maybe we already have everything we need for happiness? 

And to be happy, we just need to keep our treasures?


Ph: Katerina Klio

MUA: Ninel Sokrukina

Md: Nastya Stazy

Girls: Eva, Milena


On the set, the model got used to the role so much that the girls sometimes forgot that the doll was alive))


Limited Editions:

Sizes, cm          Editions

20×30                20

40×50                3

50×70                3

70×100              2 

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